Whether you’re looking to bring a bit of nature into your kitchen, transform your apartment into a full-on plant jungle, or show off your green thumb at work with some cute desktop succulents, these easy-to-care-for indoor plants for sale on Amazon are some pretty superb steals. While Amazon might not be synonymous with “garden center,” we’re pleasantly surprised by the amount of great plant deals in the Amazon Plant Store, including inexpensive indoor plants, succulents, low-light plants, and other trendy picks.

Many of the plants on this list come in their own pots and are perfect for gifting — especially Costa Farms’ potted succulents in a gift box. If you’re looking for even more plant goodness, check our guide to the best places to buy plants online, indoor plants that can purify your home, and indoor trees to brighten your space.

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The Black Thumb Plant

Aglaonema Red Chinese Evergreen Live Indoor Plant

Costa Farms


Chinese evergreen (also known as Aglaonema) grows in almost any lighting, and it also requires very little water, making it perfect even for those of us with a notorious “black thumb.”


The Succulent Starter Pack

Radiant Rosette Collection of Live Succulent Plants

Shop Succulents


Why buy *one* succulent when you can buy twelve? We’re loving this Amazon pick as a present for coworkers.


The Air Purifier

Chinese Money Plant

Costa Farms


This 14-inch-tall money plant (also sometimes referred to as a pancake plant for obvious reasons) comes in a midcentury modern planter and prefers bright light and regular watering. It’s also known for its air-purifying qualities.


The Long-Lasting Pick

Chlorophytum Comosum Spider Plant

Costa Farms


Sturdy, tall, and long-lasting, spider plants are a perfect addition to any room. They’re easy to propagate in case you’d like to turn one plant into five or ten — a gift that seriously keeps on giving.


The Hostess Gift

Succulents in Gift Box (Pack of 4)

Shop Succulents


Much longer lasting than your usual bouquet of flowers, these petite rosette-style succulents will keep your family and friends smiling all year long.


The Living Room Enhancer

Peace Lily

Costa Farms


The peace lily’s dark green leaves and beautiful white flowers symbolize the obvious (peace!) as well as prosperity, purity, hope and innocence. This pick arrives planted in a ten-inch pot.


The Bedroom Cutie

Hawaiian Umbrella Indoor Bonsai Tree

Brussel’s Bonsai

This pint-size tree is actually three years old! Your mini tree will come with a decorative container, as well as soil and care instructions.


The Coffee Table Pick

Dumb Cane Dieffenbachia

Costa Farms


NASA’s clean air study identifies this beautiful green-and-white number as a top air-purifying plant. Plus, it comes in a beautiful ceramic pot.


The “It” Plant

Swiss Cheese Monstera

Costa Farms


Everyone’s buzzing about this trendy leafy plant, and with good reason: Monsteras are gorgeous, easy to care for, and are said to have mood-boosting capabilities. 


The Classic

Devil’s Ivy Golden Pothos

Costa Farms


A sprawling beauty that has simple needs, we’re 100% in love with the low-maintenance pothos plant. Depending on how big of a pot you put ’em in, they can be especially fun to drape across windows and door frames — they’ll grow to be several feet long! 


The Tropical Inspiration

White Bird of Paradise

Costa Farms


Leafy and tropical, the White Bird of Paradise plant produces stunning flowers that’ll make you feel as though you’ve abandoned your couch for an exotic vacation.


The Desk Plant

Live Mini Succulent

Costa Farms


This teeny tiny symbol of friendship goes a long way. Who wouldn’t love a potted plant with the cheeky words, “Life Would Succ Without You” on the side? The whole thing is approximately four inches tall and requires very little water, making it an easy desk plant.

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