Best phone batteries 2020

We all know that when buying a smart phone –θήκες κινητών–we are checking its general features and sometimes we forget about some other important things such as the internal storage, RAM memory, WiFi speed etc. The last years people who are buying a new phone have expectations as far as its battery is concerned. And this is a very normal thing today as people are leaving there homes in the morning and return at night, so they need a device that will not run out of battery in the middle of the day.

We have prepared a list with the best phone batteries 2020 because we believe that it’s important to have a general idea of the phone compared to the the battery, the features and -of course-  the price. The next seven phones that we are going to discuss, are some of the most powerful phones as far as the battery is concerned. So let’s get into the point of this article and discuss the standby hours and the general performance of the phones.

Moto G Power

The Moto G Power, is the most powerful smart phone as far as it’s very is concerned and it is on the top of the list of the best phone batteries so far. It’s battery can last up to 16 hours and 10 minutes and it is consisted of 5000mAh. You need to know that this phone does not support fast charging as we are talking about a very large battery, so after 30 minutes of charging a completely empty battery, it will come to 21%.

You will not need to charge this phone often as it can go for that many hours. If you have one of those people who do not use their phone for many hours per day you will notice that you can go for two or three days without a charge.

It’s design is clean and neat, the isolation is quite impressive for Motorola and the retail price of course will amaze you as we’re talking about $249 for a phone that will not die in the middle of the day, in fact not even at the end of it!

Samsung Galaxy A20

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is one of the older models of Samsung and it can be found in a very low price. So if you are not into the new Samsung Galaxy S or Note series and you’re looking for an affordable phone with a decent battery life then you can consider this model.

It contains a 4000mAh battery which is very large compared to its size and age can deliver 13.5 hours with just one charge. The price of it started at approximately $239 but you can find it from $149 on the Internet. We believe that it is quite a cheap phone that will last you all day and since we are talking about Samsung you will find many of its great features in it.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Another Samsung model that can last up to 12 hours and 35 minutes is the Samsung galaxy S 10+. It contains various 410omAh and it will have no problem maintaining the battery life although it has a 6.4 inch dynamic Amoled display.

Another amazing feature of this phone is that you can place it on the back of other phones even iPhones and let them charge by draining its batteries. This feature is called wireless PowerShare and you will either love it or hate it. This one is a little bit more expensive as it starts out in $490 but it offers a lot more features than the A20.

Google Pixel 3a

A budget phone that is a great smartphone and has a decent battery life, the Google Pixel 3a, is quite cheap as it starts at $299. It can deliver 11 hours of battery life if you’re using it all day. It has the capacity of a fast charge as it can give you seven hours of battery life after just charging it for 15 minutes. This last feature is amazing for people who are always on the go and they do not have time to charge the phone for two or three hours.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

IPhones are not well known for their battery capacity that we can say that Apple has made a lots of improvements in them smart phones that were released the past two years. The specific model though is the one that will offer you the best phone battery life experience from Apple’s models.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with an 18-watt charger in the box which allows you to get a completely empty battery up to 48% after charging it for just 30 minutes. It will last you approximately eleven hours and 54 minutes which is pretty surprising for an iPhone.

LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen

This particular model is going to be with you for 11 hours and 46 minutes as it comes through with a big battery. Wayfair six points 4 inch display I am surprise of $699 it fits to the medium category of prices as it’s not that cheap but again it does not meat that $1000 of the iPhone 11 and the Samsung S 20 series.

iPhone 11

Last but not least another iPhone which was released the past year is the iPhone 11. It’s battery can last up to 11 hours and 16 minutes which is pretty impressive again for an iPhone. Its price starts at $699 and it is the cheapest new-ish smartphone model of Apple.

It does support fast charging but in order to do that you need and 18-watt charger like we mentioned before in the iPhone 11 pro Max.

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